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To truly connect and help inspire a healthier more loving world. 

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The Best Quality

We say its handcrafted but really it comes from the heart.

Every gift has a story.

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اسئله دائمًا تسألونها

Simple rules we go by..


You can’t rush pretty things.


Sell what you believe in.


Have fun.

Who are we?

At the B side. We BELIEVE in the elegance of design and the power of simplicity. We see BEAUTY in the ordinary and the handmade. Quality is the BEST BUSINESS plan. it is not about what you Buy, its how you feel about it. We are BUILDING a BRAND. we’re obsessed with details and we seek to BE different and all that is interesting, unique and true. our heart is BIG, our intentions are BOLD, and we are BRAVE enough to walk the extra mile and deliver BETTER than expected. your support keeps us BLOOMING. Take a walk on the BRIGHT side, experience the magic of handcrafted gifts and explore the home of Boxes, Bags, Baskets, Balloons, Bouquets and BEYOND.

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We believe that we are all part of the solution.

We chose to be kind to the planet.

Purpose over profit.