For customers to be involved in stories and magic not just getting goods and services. 


What do we offer ?

Making people’s lives easier. Finding the best gift with the highest care and quality. Adding a personal touch. Each gift is unique in its own way. Walking in with a smile and leaving with a bigger one. 


Our values ?

“ LOVE “ Love is the core principle of any peaceful and harmonious place. 

Integrity , heart , warmth , simplicity , creativity and quality. To build a home not just another shop. Floors that are made up of strong foundation. Walls that are crafted of ambition. Roof that is a masterpiece of freedom. To help add value to one another. To share kindness and love specially to our home planet.



To truly connect and help inspire a healthier more loving world.


The B side : The Bright side , a home for Boxes, Baskets , Balloons , Bouquets and Beyond. 


My Story

It started in a corner in my room and now we are here.. 

2014 where it all began with one machine and one young girl. It was a major success from the start , out grew my room till a workshop at my home , built a website too but to be honest I took it as a hobby till 2017 and then it all hit me, wait a minute why not grow more with this, why not take it to the next level since five years has passed and the business is still growing strong! don’t get me wrong , nothing of this was easy, there were long nights , lost some and gained some along the way. 2018 were it all started to take a serious turn , faced the toughest challenges of my life, but I am grateful that I have grown stronger and wiser. as you can see to make up for all the past years , I have chosen a 178 m square shop divided between a showroom, an office , workshop and a storage. Designed it and have put a piece of my heart and soul in every corner. Its big to give it enough space to grow as the vision for this place is endless. 

Building a Brand , a strong team and a supporting community. 

EDIT 2022 : Free from debts and its time for a new beginning. 

Thank you for believing in the B side. 

Bedour Almunayes