Note :The Shop at Baitak Mall is closed. Renting space not available at the B side anymore.

Features : ☑️ White board ☑️ Seating areas ☑️ Restroom near by ☑️ Elevator ☑️ prayer room near by ☑️ Parking access ( easy access for public after 3 pm in weekdays – All day accessible in weekends ) ☑️ Natural light ☑️ Wifi ☑️ Nestle coffee machine ☑️ Storage

Area is idle for : Craft workshops – life coach courses – Yoga session – meetings – photoshoots – gatherings – photography lessons

Max 12 people attending the course.

Note : The area is part of a sales shop but separated for no one to enter during on going course but hey it will be a great marketing for you. or if you need a shop clear of walk ins plz book out of the shop hours.

Shop hours : Week days ( 11 am – 9 pm) – weekends ( 12:30 pm – 9:30 pm )

Location : Baitak mall – M floor – shop 69 . check (contact us ) for location or just google the B side.

for inquiry or bigger events please send a request to this email b.side.kw@gmail.com

Please click on the Book Area on top of page to book.