Delivery charge to all kuwait areas 2 kd. 

*Extra charge will apply for far cities like Wafra , Sabah Alahmad and Khairan. 


.Sorry, we are still not ready for international deliveries

  • We care about quality and service so we will announce international delivery once we are ready for the next level. 

We Deliver to GCC , UK , USA and AUSTRAILA . 
 FOR OTHER AREAS STAY TUNED. We can’t wait to reach you.  


We delver with DHL carrier. 

Prices of delivery is after taking the measurement of the shipment and weight. 


 Place your order and pick it up on the day or time requested.
Avoid the waiting and the extra charge on urgent orders.


 Delivery time will be in the time cycle as presented in checkout according to availability.  

Remember : Good things take time. 

Pick up is also available. 


 Bulk Orders are better placed at least 10 days ahead to make sure we have all your items reserved and ready in the right time . 

 We are always open for special orders and new ideas, request to speak to managent by email or instagram direct message or ask one of the staff to set you up with a meeting. 

ملاحظات : 

١ – يوجد فقط دفع عن طريق الاونلاين عند الcheckout.

٢- قد يكون هناك قيمه اضافيه للتوصيل الى المناطق البعيده مثل صباح الاحمد ، الوفره والشاليهات وغيرها.

٣- التوصيل يستغرق يوم الى يومين حسب الايام المتوفره لكن بعض المنتجات قد تستغرق وقت اكثر حيث تحتاج الى عنايه واهتمام مثل فن الرسم اليدوي. وسيتم التواصل معكم وابلاغكم اذا كان هناك صعوبه بتنفيذ الطلب في سرعه قياسيه حسب اليوم المطلوب. 

٤- نحرص دائما لعمل الافضل وارضائكم لكن ليس هناك تعديل او تبديل او استرجاع لطلبات الشخصيه وتم اعدادها حسب الطلب.

٥- لتبديل او استرجاع الطلبات الجاهزه فتتم فقط عن طريق الحضور الى المحل بحد أقصى ١٤ يوم وتكون في حالتها الاساسيه. 



  • Only online payments and NO cash on delivery available. 
  • There could be an extra charge for delivery to further away cities. 
  • Delivery mostly takes 1 to 2 days depends on circumstances but some items need more time for production like handmade art that needs more attention and care. We will always inform you in case it was difficult to deliver as fast as expected. 
  • We always make sure we do the best suitable designs possible so there is no edit, refund or exchange for custom made orders. 
  • Refund or exchange for ready made items can only be done in the shop.