The Concept

The concept of the business is turning plain ordinary products to something special, you choose the items, you choose the words, and I’m more than happy to help you with it as much as i can.

Each box will be unique and specially made for you.
We use special strong material to print on the products, each material suits the item and whether its exposed to water or not. Please Handle with care. Try not to scratch, be gentle.

You will always see now updates and new fresh exciting ideas.

You say those sweet chosen words with love , we do the work with passion from the bottom of our hearts. 


Here, we seek quality not quantity.. we seek to be different, and all that its interesting, unique and true. We believe in the elegance of simplicity.

Above all, love is what counts and we intend to take it to heart.

Now Let’s create something Beautiful out of something ordinary and have some fun 😉

We’ve got the hearts of big companies too